Winds of Faith - Weightier Matters

by Pastor Tim Sanders Winds of Faith Ministry

Weightier Matters
It's noon on Sodom’s last day, Abraham is looking out from under the flap of his tent into the heat waves of the field and sees three men coming. As they come and stand by him the Lord says, “ I have come to see if the outcry is true altogether that has come to me.” Abraham knows that it is and begins his famous plea that ends with God's promise if there be but ten righteous there, He would spare Sodom. Abraham shares a meal of his best with them and as evening falls, two witnesses go down into Sodom to Lot's house. They tell Lot to get up out of this place for we have come to destroy it. Lot's

Son-in-law thinks it's funny, some kind of Joke. The witnesses take Lot's wife and two daughters by the hand and set Lot and them outside the city, with a word to them to flee to the mountains. As time is short and dawn is breaking, they allow Lot to flee to the little town of Zoar, some distance away, before the fire and brimstone start to fall.
I truly believe we may be at an Abraham moment. The witnesses are most of the way across the

field. Thoughts of any kind of a pending judgement at hand, seem to be funny or a joke to most. As Christians, we may feel the pull of the witness on our hands and the woe of his spirit to weightier matters at hand.

(prayer) 0 Lord Raise up your standard against those who call right wrong and wrong right. Put down the army of evil that has risen up against your word, your ways, and your commands, that the peace of righteousness prevail in our land. Lord, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. Father keep the weightier matters at the forefront of our minds & prayers.