Winds of Faith

by Pastor Tim Sanders Winds of Faith Ministry

The Devils Yard Sale

A story told of the old devil having a yard sale. Many bargains scattered around. Lust and greed were in a free box with folks carrying them to their cars by the armfuls. Lies and deceit could be bought still in the case, still in their box. Satan’s children had a lemonade stand, where the lust of the eye, the lust of

the flesh, and the pride of life were selling like hot cakes. Cars lined the streets, crowds pressed in, but the wise drove on by. Those who were content with the food and the things they had, passed by uninterested. The call of the good things waiting at home drew them there. A chicken salad sandwich and some chips at the wife's good table was more than enough. A summers breeze under the old pecan

tree with the master was way more than all that reaching and grasping for the wind going on uptown.

(prayer) 0 Thank you Lord that we are the sheep of your pasture and the focus of your love. Amen.

My Sheep Know My Voice