Paris High School Students Helping At The Polls

November 02, 2020

By: Lacey Shumard

Nine Students from the Paris High School will be excused from school in order to help with the election polls. The nine students consist of Juniors and Seniors who have volunteered to sanitize the voting booths after each person is done voting. Which is an incredibly important and necessary job in order to keep the voters safe. The students will be earning $50 for half the day and $100 for a full day.

When we reached out to both Christina Buie and Chris Willingham they both had a lot of things to say about these students and the help that they are providing this election day. Christina Buie stated that “Without them, it would've been hard to find someone to clean the polls. Plus this is a great opportunity to get the younger crowd involved in the election process.” While Chris Willingham stated “I hope the students realize the importance of taking part in this year's election and in taking part in the voting process. None of them are old enough to vote during this election, but they will have firsthand knowledge of what an election looks like in the polling place. I hope they learn responsibility and professionalism as well. Voting is one of the most important civic duties, hopefully, this will be a positive experience for our students. Our students have also mentioned the importance of sanitizing the polling stations during the current pandemic. They like the idea of keeping the elderly and more at-risk voters safe. Everyone has the right and responsibility to vote and our students are helping ensure that all registered voters have a chance to do just that in a safe environment.”

Thank you Paris High School for making it so that these students can do this job without the worry of any attendance penalty and thank you to these nine students for signing up for this position to keep us safe while we vote.

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