A.L.P Lighting Components Factory Closure 55 Employees to Lose Jobs in Lithia Springs, Georgia

Sad news for workers at a factory in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The factory is closing down, and all the employees will lose their jobs.

According to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, if a company with over 100 full-time employees plans to lay off 50 or more people at one location, they need to give a 60-day notice.

A company called A.L.P Lighting Components has let the Georgia Department of Labor know about the layoffs. They’ve said that 55 employees at a facility in Lithia Springs will be laid off because the facility is shutting down for good.

A.L.P Lighting Components said, “We’re closing our facility at 1401 Blair Ridge Rd, Lithia Springs, Georgia, 30122. This closure means that 55 employees will lose their jobs.”

A.L.P Lighting Components hereby submits that A.L.P will be permanently closing its facility located at 1401 Blair Ridge Rd, Lithia Springs, Georgia, 30122…The closure of the facility is expected to result in the permanent layoff of 55 employees.

What do you think about this? Do you worry about these people losing their jobs? Are you afraid the United States might be going into a tough economic time?

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